Tuesday, December 20, 2016

What Did We Learn From The Tip Off Classic?

The Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic was a great kick off for the AAU season. We learned a few things down in Neptune. 

What Did We Learn From The Tip Off Classic?

New World Order? 

New World Unlimited came to the Tip Off Classic and proved to be one of the best teams in the country. They have the pieces to be knock anybody at any given time as one of the best defensive teams we’ve seen in years. They beat some of the top teams at the Tip Off Classic including Team Final, NY Rens, PSA Cardinals and Team RIO National. Are they the best team in the country? We will see soon.

Trey Patterson Holds Down The Spot! 

Trey Patterson had a target on his back at the Tip Off Classic but he stepped up when the time was right. He brought his game in the quarterfinals and semifinals on the main stage at Hoop Group Headquarters. He stood tall when the competition and left his event as still the #1 kid in the country. I was really impressed with the poise he showed.
Terrence Clarke Headed For Stardom! 

One of the big names of the Tip Off Classic weekend was Terrence Clarke. Clarke reclassified into the Class of 2021 and made the opposition pay. He’s standing 6’6 with a handle while scoring the rock from all three levels. I also like the way he showed explosiveness in the open court. He name has been launched into national prominence.
Stock Risers: Zion Cruz and Dariq Whitehead! 

The 7th Grade division had two players that will definitely rise in our rankings. Zion Cruz showed immediate impact with Team RIO National while dominating the scoring column while leading them to the title. Dariq Whitehead looked like the best prospect in the building with more room to grow. This North Jersey product will be a trending name for a couple of years before the high school coaches battle it out for his services.

Future Shock: Sebastian Robinson, Jakari Tertulien and Jayden Reid 

The Tip Off Classic 6th Grade Division was spark plugged with a trio of players. Sebastian Robinson continued to look like one of the most polished guards in the country. Jakari Tertulien exited the event as one of the upcoming promising prospects in the region if not the country. Finally, Jayden Reid let us know that the NY City type point guard is alive and well as he dazzled the crowd while making plays.