Friday, December 9, 2016

Tip Off Classic Mixtapes: Elijah "E Boogie" Hawkins Dazzles At Tip Off Classic

Elijah "E Boogie" Hawkins

Regardless to his size, Elijah Hawkins is one of the toughest guards in his class and if you seen him play there is no questioning that. Elijah entered Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic in New Jersey pretty much half the size of his competition and played as if he was 7 feet. Elijah has the basketball IQ to find open spots on the floor while still maintaining the composer to knock down the shot. 

Most players his size fail in that aspect due to how much work it takes to actually find an open shot but this is not the case for this kid. Hawkins is lighting quick on his crossover and pretty much every other movement he makes on the court which makes it extremely hard for a defender of any size to keep up. Also, Elijah's court vision is on par with the most elite in the country which makes him a true floor general and threat to any defense you may throw at him. "E Boogie" is a pure example of "HEART OVER HEIGHT".