Friday, December 16, 2016

Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 6th Grade Top Performers Part 2

Jayden Reid (NY Gauchos)

The Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 6th Grade Division gave us a look into the future. Here’s Part 2 of our Top Performers from our weekend in Neptune. 

Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic 6th Grade Top Performers Part 2 

Jayden Reid Guard (NY Gauchos) – Reid is a smaller PG but he has that NY flair to his game. He has the ball in his hands most of the time as he can either score the rock or be a facilitator for his teammates. He has a very good handle that allows him to get anywhere on the floor where he can either get his shot off or drop a nice pass for an assist. It seems that if Jayden had it going then the Gauchos where is good shape. He had 14 points against IZOD and 18 points against Elmcor.

Donnell Campbell Forward (NY Gauchos) – Donnell is long lefty wing that does a little bit of everything for his team. Right now he is best in transition and he rebounds well for his position. Campbell can also guard multiple positions on the perimeter. We feel with continued work in the gym this kid’s best days are ahead of him.
Richard Neysmith Forward (NY Gauchos) – Richard is a strong forward that does the dirty work around the basket for his team. He doesn’t have a lot of flair to his game but there is a lot of substance as he plays to his strengths and doesn’t try to do too much. Neysmith is always playing hard on both ends of the floor. He tallied 8 points against IZOD and 11 points versus Elmcor.
Ernest Shelton Guard (Philly Triple Threat) – Shelton is a smooth shooting two guard that is the go to guy when his team needs a bucket. He was probably the best 3 point shooter in the 6th grade division as he knocked down six of them in one of the games we watched. He can also get to the basket and score from the mid-range. Ernest converts from the FT line with his smooth stroke. He had 22 points against both Milbank and Courtmasters.
Keith Gee Guard (Philly Triple Threat) – Keith is the PG that runs the show for his team. He understands to always keep his dribble as he navigates the floor deciding if he should score of drop a nifty pass off to one of his teammates. He has a great handle that allows him to drive the lane and kick to his 3 point specialist Shelton. He has a good stroke from the FT line and the confidence to make them at the end of close games as we saw in the game we watched. He had 10 points in both games we watched.
Wayne Bishop III Guard (Philly Triple Threat) – We love this kid’s demeanor. He was absent in the semifinal loss to Courtmasters and this definitely hurt his team’s chances. He was one of the plethora of gritty Philly guards that helped with the scoring load for his team. He could score in a variety of ways including knocking down the long ball as we saw him hit two 3 pointers against Milbank. He finished with 10 points in that contest.
Bruce Smith Forward (Philly Triple Threat) – Bruce patrolled the paint for his team. He did most of his damage working from the high post by either attacking the rim or shooting his 12 to 15 foot jumper. He also showed his soft touch by making a few floaters when he was attacking over longer defenders. Smith has a nice frame that allowed him to carve out space and rebound on both ends of the floor.