Friday, December 16, 2016

Basketball Spotlight Exclusive Interview: Through The Kat Eyes!

Coach Kat Keyes

Since Basketball Spotlight’s inception many top programs have been a part of our circuit. Those programs included several top players and coaches. One of those coaches is Kat Keyes. Keyes has coached several for several top programs including the NY Panthers and currently the NY Rens. His expertise in the field has expanded over decades. Basketball Spotlight sat down with the NY Legend and here’s what he had to say. 

One On One: Coach Kat Keyes 

BS: How long have you been in the game? 
CK: To date 48 Years. 

BS: What makes you stick around for so long? 
CK: I love the game and what I do. It is a passion of mine. 

BS: You seem to enjoy coaching the young guys, why is that? 
CK: They are very impressionable and need to be guided in the right direction. They need to be taught fundamentals and how to play the game the correct way. Always TEAM FIRST! 

BS: You have been faithful to the basketball events since the beginning, Why the spotlight? 
CK: This is because Mike does a great job of recognizing youths talent, skills and educational development. Mike rewards the youths by giving them positive graphic exposure which is accompanied by encouraging descriptions of their accomplishments. 

BS: Run us a list of some of the top players you have had the honor to coach. 
CK: Over my tenure as a coach, I have had the pleasure of coaching the following players: Kenny Anderson, Mark Jackson, Anthony Mason, Ron Artis, Lamar Odom, Joakim Noah, Stephen Marbury, Tobias Harris, Danny Green and a host of great players! 

BS:You have been with a couple of programs, but seem to have found a home with the NY RENS. Why the NY RENS? 
CK: The NY RENS offer many programs for youths such as: Tutorial Programs SAT Prep TACT Prep They also assist students to get into private schools and colleges. The NY RENS has an enormous background and history of providing multiple support networks for young adults.  
BS: What do you love about the state of AAU Basketball these days? 
CK: AAU Basketball offers some good programs for our youngsters, but there is room for improvement to expand their horizons. 

BS: What do you dislike about the state of AAU Basketball these days? 
CK: The national events that they offer are usually week long events and very costly. 

BK: What was your most memorable spotlight moment? 
CK: The greatest moment was when my team won the first annual basketball event. When we won this championship I had players such as: Tobias Harris, Marques Moore, and William Davis.

BS: Tell us something we don’t know about Coach Kat? 
CK: I am a very approachable person. Over the years people have thought that I was not as approachable as I really am. I love people and I love working with young adults. 

BS: Give us one word to describe Basketball Spotlight?