Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Diary Of A Baller: Adrissa Traore (Harlem, NY) Entry #3

Adrissa Throwing It Down

Welcome to my third entry. I wish all of you guys Happy Holidays. I hope you guys had a blessed week. My week started off well. 

On Monday, I received the results of all my Finals for the semester and I passed all my exams so I worked on some extra work to get better and get extra credit. After school, I had basketball practice for my school basketball team. We had a good practice. We are learning to execute our plays to perfection. We have our first game on January 7th and my goal is to go undefeated and win the championship. Last year, we fall short but I know we can take it. 

Wednesday was my last day of until winter break. In my home room class we decided to make gingerbread house, it was fun activity and it help to build stronger relationships with my classmates. After school I when to the park with my friend to play some football, I'm pretty good but I'm to skinny to play. I had a good time have fun with friends I knew since 4th grade. On Thursday, I went to go work out with Pro Hoops, where Thon maker, Jalen Murray and Brandon Ingram worked out before the draft. I am continuing to work on my game. That day I mainly focused on my mid-range jumpers and ball handling. 

On Friday, I spent time with my family while I babysat my younger siblings. Coach Greg called me to go work out and I put more time in in the gym. On the weekend, I spent time with my family and playing video games with my little brother. Also, watching the Christmas NBA games which were very good. 

Merry Christmas to all and until next time, peace out.