Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Grand Finale Final Four Field Announced!

The Basketball Spotlight Road To The Grand Finale made its final stop during the Memorial Day Classic in Neptune, NJ. Teams had a final chance to gather points and advance to the final four June 21st and 22nd. The points have been tallied and the results are below. The teams below have been earned their spot but this could change if they refuse the invitation. 

8th Grade Final Four 
#1 Team IZOD (17 Points) 
#2 Playaz (16 Points) 
#3 Team Twelve Watchmen (15 Points) 
#4 Team Takeover (10 Points) 

7th Grade Final Four 
#1 Team Takeover (20 Points) 
#2 Team RIO National (17 Points) 
#3 NY Rens (15 Points) 
#4 Team Final (12 Points) 

6th Grade Final Four 
#1 Team IZOD (16 Points) 
#2 Team Takeover Black (7 Points) 
#3 Team Takeover Orange (7 Points) 
#4 Team Glory (7 Points) 

5th Grade Final Four 
#1 Team Glory (12 Points) 
#2 Playtime Panthers (9 Points) 
#3 Team Nation (8 Points) 
#4 Riverside Hawks (4 Points)