Thursday, May 8, 2014

Basketball Spotlight 8th Grade Top 10 Presented by AGame Team Apparel

The Basketball Spotlight 8th Grade Top 10 had a big splash with a new #1. It was difficult process figuring everything out but we went with the facts. Here’s the Top 10 8th Grade teams according to Basketball Spotlight. 

Basketball Spotlight 8th Grade Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel 

1. WACG All Stars: Yes this team shot straight to the top and let me explain why. They earned the right to be in the rankings by playing in the AC Showcase, dominated the competition except for their one point loss to IZOD and haven’t lost another game this entire season. If they are in the rankings where else can they be but #1. 

2. Team IZOD: The “Supreme Team” lost to WACG in the finals of the AC Showcase after beating them the night before. Then they stumbled against Team Takeover at the Hoop Group Pitt Jam fest. They are a lock for the Grand Finale. 

3. Playaz: The Playaz won the Spring Fling and have enough points to make an appearance at the Grand Finale. The Tip Off Classic Champs want to take home that ultimate banner. 

4. Team Takeover: TTO has gotten things together as of late by winning a couple of championships. Their lack of a Spotlight banner is the only reason they haven’t cracked the Top 3. 

5. Team Melo: Formerly Maryland Scholars, these boys have two Spotlight banners under their belts and have good shot of making the Grand Finale. 

6. I 10 Celtics: The Cali boys have been on a roll since Paul Suber has taken over the helm. They won several big tournaments and are headed to New Orleans for Memorial Day. 

7. Baltimore Elite: The Baltimore boys made it to the finals of the Spring Fling before losing to the Playaz. It was a joy watching them rock this year. 

8. New Heights: They came to AC and got it done. I like their team chemistry and everyone shares the ball. 

9. Gym Rats: I like the fight these boys showed as they made their way to the finals at the AC Showcase. Now they will enter the MDC and try to capture the Gold Ball. 

10. Rens: I like how these boys looked during the Clash now we have another glance at them for the MDC. A Gold Ball will be an excellent way to end their Spotlight season.