Thursday, May 29, 2014

Basketball Spotlight MDC 8th Grade Top Performers Part 3

Corey Greer (SJ Select)

The 8th Grade division of the Basketball Spotlight MDC was loaded with talent. Here’s Part 3 and our final look into the top performers from the weekend. 

Basketball Spotlight MDC 8th Grade Top Performers Part 3 

Corey Greer Guard (SJ Select)- I kept hearing stories about this kid scoring exploits in South Jersey and he made me into a believer. He has a mature game at the guard position and can turn on the scoring switch at the drop of a dime. He not only led the squad to a championship but put up numbers in the process. His best showing was a 26 point outburst against NJ Connection in the semifinals. It looks like he could be following the foot-steps of his father and South Jersey legend Lamarr Greer.

Myles Thompson Forward (SJ Select)- Thompson controlled the paint for the champions. He has an Elton Brand type game which means a bulky body with a soft touch and good footwork. He worked tirelessly on the glass and scored when he was fed in the post. He finished with about a 9 point average for the weekend.
Ray Bethea Guard (SJ Select)-Bethea is coming into his own and looks good playing alongside Greer. The first thing you notice is his improved length and aggressiveness when attacking. I like how he finished when driving from the corners and the range on his outside shot. He’s definitely moving in the right direction.

Nigel Marshall Forward (NWK)- Marshall started the tournament with a bang when he drove down the lane and dunked on a SJ Select player. He used the momentum to be a beast for the rest of the weekend. The lefty from “The Bricks” was a rebounding machine and tough scorer in traffic. He helped his team reach the finals and had his best game against eventual champion SJ Select when he finished with 20 markers.

Nashiem Harte Guard (NWK)- Harte started off slow but I saw the potential in his game and as they weekend progressed he stepped up. He’s a natural point guard that has a string on the ball and the size of most two-guards. He’s capable of making plays for him and his teammates as he showed during their game with the Shore Shots. He finished with 15 points and several dimes.

Shemar Robinson Guard (NJ Connection)- Robinson like Greer is another kid that has local acclaim and wanted to prove himself on the Spotlight stage. Don’t worry young fella you did your job. Robinson has the flair and substance in his game. His handle and court vision is legit so when you add in his scoring ability you see signs of a young Steph Curry type. He used his smooth flow to hit up the Shore Shots for 20 points and DC Premier for 19 markers. He also stood toe to toe with Greer in their semifinal showdown.

Yeshua Powe Guard (NJ Connection)- If Robinson is Curry then Powe must be Clay Thompson because that’s how they looked together. Powe impressed us with his smooth perimeter game including range and a tough pull up jumper. Few players use the mid-range game but he seems to love it. He tallied a tough 18 points versus the Shore Shots also. 

 Kobe Blake Forward (NJ Shore Shots)- The Shore Shots had a good showing and Blake played a huge role. The big forward pumped in 20 points against both NJ Connection and DC Premier while also cashing in 18 markers versus Kingdom Elite.

Preston Bacon Guard (DC Premier)- Bacon was on his game against NJ Connection. He dictated the pace and hit the gaps like a true veteran. When he was left open he made the defense pay with a deep bomb and tough finish in the lane. You also have to give him props for his court vision. His best game was against NJ Connection when he scored 19 points.
David Orta Guard (DC Premier)- Orta can play the two guard or small forward spot. He can hit the outside shot but seems more valuable as a playmaker. He did a good job of setting up teammates and keeping the rock moving during the offense. He also got into the act against NJ Connection by scoring 16 markers.
Quentin Milloa-Brown Forward (DC Premier)- The big guy has an awkward release on his shot but its effective. He was a menace on the boards and made a living getting put backs. His size also caused problems on the defensive end where he clogged the paint and help alter shots. 

 Nick Hohenstein Guard (Jersey Force)- Nick has a unique motion when shooting free throws but it didn’t stop him from hitting We R 1 up for 24 points. He did most of his damage from behind the arc by draining 5 treys in the loss. He represented himself well.

Quashawn Lane Guard (Joey’s Angels)- Lane’s team had a tough weekend in the win column but you have to respect this points game. He has deceptive speed and craftiness that allowed him to get off against some of the best guards in the region. He’s determined to find his way to the lane and use a floater or pull up to score. 

 Jared Kimbrough Forward (Jersey Force)- Kimbrough is an under the radar prospect that I like for the Jersey Force. He has good size for the forward position and is developing his skill set. I think he will be a name we will hear about down the road.