Thursday, May 22, 2014

Basketball Spotlight Feature: Introducing Caleb Hodgson (Michigan)

Caleb Hodgson 

There are many club programs throughout the country Team Teague and The Prospectors are two of the tops. What does it mean when a player plays for both? It means that player has some “game”; enter Caleb Hodgson a 6’5 postman out of Dansville, MI. Caleb already has great size for the class of 2019, along with exceptional length, soft hands, and he plays a very efficient game on both end of the court, always shooting a high percentage. 

Hodgson is an instinctive rebounder despite not being a quick leaper, but does exhibit a very solid first jump. His soft touch around the basket makes him tough to stop and as his range extends along with his ability to handle away from the basket he will continue to expand his game and reduce the likelihood of opponents being able to stop and contain him. With his continued play with high level clubs vs high level competition Caleb is a player to watch and one to keep an eye on – we have the Spotlight on him right now and you should too, see why below!