Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Basketball Spotlight 7th Grade Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

The Basketball Spotlight 7th Grade Top 10 had little movement at the top but has added a few new members after the AC Showcase. Here are the Top 10 teams according to Basketball Spotlight. 

Basketball Spotlight 7th Grade Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel 

1. Team RIO National: RIO was absent from AC but they had an impressive outing at the last NYBL session. They are headed to the MDC and should be one of the favorites to win the Gold Ball. They are a lock for the Grand Finale. 

2. Team Takeover: The AC Showcase champions are on the heels of Team RIO and a meeting at the MDC should settle a lot of talk. They qualified for the Grand Finale. 

3. Rens: The Rens won their tournament this past weekend and look to lock horns with the best at the MDC. I haven’t seen them since they won the Clash so I’m anxious to catch up. They also should make it to the final four. 

4. DC Premier: After winning the Potomac Valley championship they showed it wasn’t a fluke as they made it to the finals of the MDC. They are a championship caliber squad. 

5. Team Final: TF enters the Top 5 after making a final four run during the AC Showcase. They have been a pleasant surprise all year. Look for them at the MDC as they try to enter the Grand Finale backdoor. 

6. WACG All Stars: I like what this team had to show during their final four run at the AC Showcase. They have one of the most exciting players in the country in Tyger Campbell. 

7. Team Nelson: They had a quarterfinal ouster during the AC Showcase but they still might have a chance to defend their Grand Finale crown with a strong showing at the Clash. 

8. Metro Flyers: They made it to the quarterfinals of the AC Showcase but this hasn’t been the spotlight season they expected. I think it’s a slim chance we see them again. 

9. CIA Bounce: It’s been a while since we’ve seen the Canada crew but they gave us some great moments. 

10. EYSC Elite 610ers: The PA boys get a some love after winning the Blue Division in the AC Showcase.