Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Basketball Spotlight 6th Grade Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel

The Basketball Spotlight 6th Grade Top 10 had a major shakeup including a new #1. It took us a while to come up with this list but here it is. Remember once teams play in our event they are eligible for the rankings. 

Basketball Spotlight Top 10 Presented By AGame Team Apparel 

1. Team IZOD: They didn’t win the championship in AC but they moved up after making it to the finals. Their overall body of work was the difference. I like some the pieces they added and they could be dangerous in Hampton. They are also a lock at the Grand Finale. 

2. Team Takeover (Black)- TTO Black made a final four run during the AC Showcase. They have the soldiers to make a deep run at the nationals. They also have big game experience. We might see them at the Grand Finale 

3. Gauchos: The Choz had an unexpected early exit at the AC Showcase. Their quarterfinal loss dropped them from their #1 spot. I think we seen the last of them this season. 

4. George Hill Rising Stars: Yes GHRS came to the AC Showcase with national rep and showed why. They have won several big time tournaments and the AC Showcase which was our most loaded 6th Grade event this year. So they get the nod for now. 

5. Team Glory: TG jumps up a spot after making it to the final four of the AC Showcase. They are another team to keep an eye on as they hit the nationals and the Grand Finale. 

6. WACG All Stars: I like the crew these boys brought to AC. I might catch a glimpse of them at the AAU Nationals. 

7. National Select: I was impressed with this squad at the DMV Takeover. I definitely don’t know when will see these guys again. 

8. Team Takeover (Orange)- TTO Orange didn’t fare too well in AC but their overall Spotlight record is good. 

9. RIP City: RC checks in at #8 and they have one of the top scorers in the region. He has the ability to carry them up this ladder. 

10. Hilltoppers Heat: HH also had tough treading in AC. Hopefully they can bounce back at the MDC.