Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Inside The MDC 8th Grade Feat. All Tournament Team


The 8th Grade Division once again produced a new champion. Here’s an inside look including All Tournament Team. 

Inside The MDC 8th Grade 

Grand Finale To Settle #1 Dispute 
Right now the 8th Grade Division of the Basketball Spotlight circuit seems like the BCS in college football. It’s difficult to really crown the #1 team but I believe the Grand Finale will help clear the smoke. CBC was cruising early but hit a stumbling block late. The Playaz picked up where CBC left of and also slowed down during the last leg. Now both Milbank and New Heights are blazing during the 4th quarter. I’m glad we now settle everything on the floor at the Grand Finale. 

8th Grade MDC All Tournament Team 
Mr. Memorial Day Orange - Keith Williams (New Heights) 
Mr. Memorial Day Blue- Mikey Grande and Matt Ciaccio (NBA) 
Mike Burnett (New Heights) 
Paul Person (New Heights) 
Lydell Geffrad (New Heights) 
Nate Pierre Louis (Metro Flyers) 
Lonnie Walker (Metro Flyers) 
Jaecee Martin (CBC) 
Chaylynn Martin (CBC) 
Isaiah Washington (Milbank) 
Sid Wilson (Milbank)