Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Jaecee "Mayweather" Martin (Hartford, CT) Entry #3

Breeze and Mayweather

Hello world! This week it felt great to have a break from school. We have a few weeks off from AAU as well, so I've just been relaxing. Yesterday I went to Six Flags with a few of boys and a few family members as well. We got on a few rides and enjoyed the famous fried dough (don't worry, I'll work it off at the track this week). It felt good to just relax and enjoy hanging out with my brother and my big homie Breeze aka KeAndre Fair. 

This week coming up is all about preparation. We're getting ready for a very busy live period in July. We're gonna be all over the place so I gotta get my body ready. I kinda miss playing 8th grade AAU, especially not going to Nationals. But 9th grade is an entirely different speed. My coach feels like we play harder when the competition is better, I agree. Plus I love playing with Breeze. We've been on the same team all life, so I'm used to playing up. But when I play with him and my brother, we have great energy. We feed off each other and we know where the other person is gonna be before they get there. So even though its gonna be a rough learning experience, I'm glad I get to play with them for the rest of the Summer. So it's no more middle school basketball for me, well at least until the J.E.M. classic, but that's different, that don't count. 

Right now my basketball career is at the point where I'm starting to see results from hard work. I'm getting camp invites, working out with some of the best players in the state, also playing with some of the best players in the country. And every time I feel like maybe I don't belong, I get out there and realize that I'm just as good as anybody on the court. So I'm not afraid, I'm excited about playing 15u during live period and going to 16u nationals. I really feel as if I'm making my mark as I continue to grow. I felt very inspired by watching LeBron get his back to back championships. When he said he's just a kid from Akron...I felt like he was talking to me! I'm a kid from Hartford, Bowles Park Housing Projects...but I have so much out there left for me to achieve. And basketball is the key that I will use to get to those things. Well, I'm gonna end this entry right here because I don't wanna start babbling. Next week I'll have much more to talk about! Thanks for reading!