Monday, June 17, 2013

Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale 5th Grade Top Performers Part 1

 Niels Lane (KSK)

The 5th Graders gave us a great show at the Grand Finale Final Four. We definitely look forward to watching them play over the next three years. Here’s a list of the top performers we saw this weekend. 

 5th Grade Grand Finale Top Performers Part 1

Niels Lane Guard (King Street Kings)- From a scoring stand point Lane would have walked out with the MVP. He has an advanced pull jumper for a kid this young and showed his natural ability to score around the rim. He’s a good slasher and tough finisher for a 5th Grader. 

Richard Greaves Guard (King Street Kings)- This polished point guard used his shake and bake style to enter the lane whenever he wanted. He kept defenders on their heels as he charged down Broadway and either dropped a dime or scored with a floater. This confident ball handler plays with a swagger that’s rare for a 5th Grader. Greaves also was a monster on the defensive by playing the passing lanes like Dion Sanders.

William White Guard (King Street Kings)- White is another strong guard for this North Jersey program. He’s built like Mateen Cleaves and runs through defenders like a running back. But this guard also has the skills to get the job done. He possesses an array of dribbling moves and a decent outside shot. 

Zion Bethea Forward (King Street Kings)- Bethea plays a new role for this group this year. He’s still a guard but uses his bulky frame like a face up forward. This gives his squad a unique advantage because it’s difficult for other young forwards to defend him. He really made his presence felt in the finals. 

Elijah Hutchinson Everett Forward (King Street Kings)- This youngster is definitely more prospect than player which is common for young post guys. His best performance of the weekend came in the championship game where he scored on several put backs. He has a ways to go but I feel we will be talking about him down the road. 

Noah Harris Guard (CJ Hawks)- This exciting guard will be a name to watch on the NJ circuit for years to come. His breakdown ability is very apparent and he doesn’t mind entering the land of the giants. I like his range on his outside shot and his overall feel for the game. 

Charlie Gordiner Forward (CJ Hawks)- The forward played the best all around game for the Hawks. He can hit the 15 footer and was a menace of the glass. His hustle plays kept the Hawks in the game before KSK eventually pulled away. 

Joseph Manfredi Guard (CJ Hawks)- Manfredi is a sharpshooter whose job is to stretch the defense. If he has his feet set you can basically mark down 3 points in the books. We will keep our eye on him.