Friday, June 28, 2013

7th Grade AAU Nationals Update: Top Performers

Nazi Reid (Team IZOD)

Basketball Spotlight landed in Memphis yesterday just in time for the action. Today we saw some great action and some top players. Here’s a breakdown of the top performers we saw today. 

 7th Grade AAU Nationals Top Performers 

Nazi Reid Forward (Team IZOD)- Reid really made a national name for himself in Memphis. He dominated today including the Elite 8 game with 15 points, 24 rebounds and 5 blocks. He made his mark blocking shots, rebounding and dunking the basketball. His wingspan is something they marvel at and today he understood that he could dominate. The sky is the limit. 

Atiba Taylor Guard (Team IZOD)- Taylor played big against George Hill in the Sweet 16. He managed the patrol against one of the best defensive teams in America. His poise and ability to create in this grind out game stood out. He looked like a big time prospect in the heat of the battle. 

Luther Muhammad Guard (Team IZOD)- Muhammad once again proved he might be the best defender in the country. He loves stepping up against the best offensive talent on the opposing squad. He’s too big for small guards and too quick for slow forwards. He’s the glue to this process. 

Jalen Brooks Guard (Team IZOD)- Brooks came up big from the perimeter knocking down three treys in the Elite 8 game. He was hot from the corner while stretching the defense with deep bombs. His outside shot opened things up. 

Darius Garland Guard (WACG)- DC Assault can blame Garland for them not making it to the final four because he went berserk during the their Elite 8 matchup. He knocked down treys in abundance especially during the fourth quarter when he scored 90% of their points. He’s a true gamer and loves the love the limelight. 

Shariff Kenny Forward (DC Assault)- Kenny stepped up big for DCA with his outside shot. The trimmed down forward as fluid from behind the arc and showed off his double crossover when driving. He was a spark plug for DCA until they came up short. 

Prentiss Hubb Guard (DC Assault)- The lefty looked good in front of us today. He was able to knockdown a few treys and calm his team down with tough finishes in transition. He has big game experience and showed it even though they lost. 

Courtney Ramey Guard (Team Ramey)- The nice guard exploded for 30 points in their loss to We All Can Go. His team was down by 20 plus at the half and he stroked them backed with a chance to win. The defense knew he was the main option and he still was able to produce big time.