Saturday, June 22, 2013

Inside The Grand Finale 6th Grade Feat. All Tournament Team

The 6th Grade Division of the Grand Finale lived up to the expectations. Here’s an inside look at this grade level and the All Tournament Team. 

Is Team Nelson The Next Dynasty? 
Basketball Spotlight has had its share of team dynasties in the past and it appears that Team Nelson might be the next in line. The Mid Atlantic squad won the AC Showcase, MDC and repeated as Grand Finale champions. Now they have their sights set on the 6th Grade Nationals in Hampton, VA. A strong finish will be the finishing touch on another successful campaign. 

Metro Flyers On The Rise? 
After watching the Grand Finale 6th Grade Final Four I came to realize that teams need to beware of the Metro Flyers for the next few years. In one short season they have built a serious team but most importantly they seem to have built for the future. They have good size even in the backcourt. They will be a problem for the next few years. 

6th Grade All Tournament Team 
Mikeal Jones (Team Nelson) 
Mark Bradshaw (Team Nelson) 
Namir Tyler (Team Nelson) 
Chris Allen (Team Nelson) 
Donta Scott (Team Nelson) 
Branden Wilson (Metro Flyers) 
Josh Pierre Louis (Metro Flyers) 
Barry Evans Jr. (Metro Flyers) 
Dajuan Piper (Metro Flyers) 
Daniel Rodriquez (Metro Flyers) 
Raejon Figures (Metro Flyers) 
Ahsan Hulland EL (Metro Flyers) 
AJ Hoggard (Team IZOD) 
Marc Bruce (Team IZOD) 
Terrell Martinez (RJS) 
Nate Coovyer (RJS)