Monday, June 17, 2013

Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale 6th Grade Top Performers Part 2

Branden Wilson (Metro Flyers)

The 6th Grade Division gave us a chance to see some serious talent. Here’s Part 2 of our top performers from the rising 7th Grade Class. 

Grand Finale 6th Grade Top Performers Part 2 

Branden Wilson Guard (Metro Flyers)- Wilson impressed us with his outside touch and scoring ability in traffic. During the finals he stepped up against Team Nelson while draining several jumpers (3 treys) to keep the game close. He has a natural knack to score. 

Barry Evans Jr. Forward (Metro Flyers)- Evans biggest strength is that he can play four out of five positions. He handles the ball well enough on the perimeter in terms of attacking but he also gets busy on the blocks with rebounds and scoring. I see big time potential in this kid’s future. 

Joshua Pierre Louis Guard (Metro Flyers)- Pierre-Louis quickness and play making style pushed Metro Flyers to the finals. He understands his role as a distributor and defensive hound. The energy he brings to the floor cannot be replaced.

Dajaun Piper Guard (Metro Flyers)- Piper was piping hot during this weekend. This kid has the NYC confidence and game to back it up. He has the size to translate to the next level and the game to match. Watch out for Piper as his name will rise from this time on. 

Daniel Rodriquez Forward (Metro Flyers)- Rodriquez was a beast on the blocks. His offensive game is still developing but he rebounds and scores inside when capable. He’s tough to battle inside and it should only get worse as he grows.

Raejon Figures Guard (Metro Flyers)- Figures is another athletic guard in the stable of ballers. He plays some time at the point but also can get into his scoring mode. On defense he move his feet well and can take advantage of smaller guards.

Ahsan Hulland-El Forward (Metro Flyers)- Hulland-El is an inside space-eater with good touch close to the basket. He’s an old school inside player which means he doesn’t bother with wandering to the perimeter. When he’ down growing his name will ring bells. 

Marc Bruce Forward (Team IZOD)- Bruce made things interesting with is outside shooting. He tickled the twine from deep with a combination of size and accuracy. He has to get better at putting the ball on the floor but I’m sure that will come. I like the way he balled up in the fire. 

AJ Hoggard Guard (Team IZOD)- Hoggard truly ran the point by dishing the rock to the shooters but when he needed to step up the scoring load he dropped a few buckets. He has really embraced his new role as a floor general.