Saturday, June 22, 2013

Inside The Grand Finale 8th Grade Feat. All Tournament Team

The 8th Grade Division of the Grand Finale came down to a great finish. Here’s an inside look into the this age group including the All Tournament Team. 

New Heights Peaks At Right Time! 
New Heights 8th Grade team has had the core of their group for years and always seemed to come up short at the Spotlight events. But this season they got everything together and took home the MDC and Grand Finale crown. I have to give this organization and players credit for sticking to their plan and finally reaching their goal. 

What A Year! 
The 8th Grade Division of the Spotlight circuit was very competitive this year. Each tournament produced a different champion (CBC-Tip Off Classic, Playaz- Clash For The Cup, Team IZOD-AC Showcase and New Heights- MDC). We are happy for creating a setting to help these teams get better and prepare for the AAU Nationals in Orlando, Fl. 

Grand Finale 8th Grade All Tournament Team 
Keith Williams (New Heights)
Lydell Geffrad (New Heights) 
Chris Coalman (New Heights) 
Jalin Suber (New Heights) 
Jaecee Martin (CBC) 
Chaylynn Martin (CBC) 
Jared Simmons (CBC) 
Mohammad Bamba (Milbank) 
Isaiah Washington (Milbank) 
Marcus McClary (Playaz)