Saturday, June 22, 2013

Inside The Grand Finale 7th Grade Feat. All Tournament Team

 The 7th Grade Division of the Grand Finale went as predicted. It also gave us some exciting moments. Here’s an inside look into this division and All Tournament Team. 

Supreme Team Grabs First Goal! 
Team IZOD aka Supreme Team won the Grand Finale in impressive fashion. The most talked about 7th Grade team in the country now heads to Memphis to chase the AAU National title. Many skeptics thought this squad would breakup by this time of the season now they are trying to make history. One thing is certain is that they are definitely battle tested. 

Grand Finale 7th Grade All Tournament Team 
Nazi Reid (Team IZOD) 
Jahvon Quinerly (Team IZOD) 
Tyrek Chambers (Team IZOD) 
Atiba Taylor (Team IZOD) 
Luther Muhammad (Team IZOD) 
Kevin Kern (Wall 2 Wall) 
Mikey Esquillin (Wall 2 Wall) 
Alex Serrano (Wall 2 Wall) 
Aidan Ellwood (Wall 2 Wall) 
Kevin Ferraro (Team Final) 
Chris Cropper (ECE)