Saturday, June 22, 2013

Inside The Grand Finale 5th Grade Feat. The All Tournament Team

The 5th Grade Division of the Grand Finale gave us a look into the future. Here’s an inside look into the division and the All Tournament Team. 

Are The Kings Back? 
A few years ago King Street Kings had one of the best grammar school programs in the region. Their 5th Grade squad got the last minute Grand Finale invite after the Gauchos pulled out. KSK took full advantage of the situation by winning the crown. They defeated a tough CJ Hawks squad and an emerging Nations Basketball Academy. Now it will be interesting to see if this group can help return KSK back to the top. 

5th Grade POY? 
The 5th Grade Basketball Spotlight Player Of The Year is a tight race right now. The leading candidates are 4th Grade Zion Harmon of Team Glory, Trey Patterson of NBA, Tomas Bublis of CJ Hawks and DJ Bailey of Gauchos. The winner will be announced at the J.E.M. All Star Classic August 17th. 

Grand Finale All Tournament Team 
Niels Lane (KSK) 
Richard Greaves (KSK) 
William White (KSK) 
Zion Bethea (KSK) 
Elijah Hutchinson Everett (KSK) 
Trey Patterson (NBA) 
Nashawn Holmes (NBA) 
Haj Parland (NBA) 
Jakari Spence (NBA) 
Zion Harmon (Team Glory) 
Noah Harris (CJ Hawks) 
Charlie Gordiner (CJ Hawks) 
Joseph Manfredi (CJ Hawks)