Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mr. Spotlight Presents: 6th Grade Midseason Report

We have reached the halfway mark of the Road To The Grand Finale. Here's our second quarter report for the 6th Grade presented by Mr. Spotlight.
Team To Beat: Team IZOD 
Team IZOD won the Tip Off Classic and a few other events. Right now they have the experience and coaching to make a legit run to the Grand Finale crown. They will have to hold off some hungry squads out there including Metro Flyers and Team Nelson. 

Surprise Team: Metro Flyers 
I knew Coach Dermon would get these guys ready but I didn’t think it would be this quick. They haven’t won a Spotlight banner yet but I think that will happen soon. Matter of fact they might have a chance to win the entire Grand Finale crown. 

MIA Squad: Playaz 
I keep hearing that PBC has a good 6th Grade squad but have yet to see them in action. They will be entering the shark infested waters of the AC Showcase. Hopefully they are ready to go.

POY Leading Candidate: Joshua Pierre Louis (Metro Flyers) “The Jet” has helped this first year program gain momentum towards the Grand Finale banner. The all around point guard play has elevated his teammates and allowed to defeat some good squads. Now he must try to guide them to the ultimate prize in June.  

Surprise Player: Tay “OMG” Allen (6th Man Warriors) 
Allen bum rushed the Clash For The Cup and before anyone realized it he had his team in the final four. This kid scored from everywhere from the floor. Now that the cat is out the bag he must get ready because defenses will be focusing on him. 

Coach Of The Year Leading Candidate: Rich Weiss (MJ Mavericks) Weiss has brought his team within a few points off knocking off some of giants in the region. His squad is always ready to play and is very fundamentally sound. Opponents please don’t sleep on this bunch cause it can make you sorry.