Monday, February 11, 2013

Inside The Clash For The Cup 6th Grade: Now Things Get Interesting!

CIA Bounce Breaks Through  

The 6th Grade Division of the Clash For The Cup was had some great games and surprises. Here’s our final look at the developments from this grade level. 

Inside The Clash For The Cup 6th Grade 

CIA Bounce Crashes The Party 
When the 6th Grade field was lined up for the Clash the early favorites were Team IZOD, Metro Flyers or Team Nelson but no one gave CIA Bounce the memo. The Canadian squad came through and stole the show. They won the championship in impressive fashion and will move up in our rankings. 

The Races Tightens Up!
The Road to the Grand Finale in the 6th Grade Division got tight after the Clash For The Cup. Metro Flyers (8 points) currently lead the point system followed by Team IZOD and Team Nelson (7 points apiece). That means the AC Showcase will give us a great outlook for the Grand Finale picture. 

Clash For The Cup 6th Grade All Tournament Team 
Tah –Jai Walters (CIA Bounce) 
Joel Brown (CIA Bounce) 
Josh Pierre Louis (Metro Flyers) 
Danny Rodriquez (Metro Flyers) 
Charles Brown (Metro Flyers) 
Mikeal Jones (Team Nelson) 
Mark Bradshaw (Team Nelson) 
Hakim Byrd (Team Nelson)
Jaymir Garnett (6th Man Warriors) 
Tay Allen (6th Man Warriors) 
Cole Antony (New Rens) 
Judah McIntyre (New Rens) 
Hakeem Hart Jr. (Philly Pride) 
Majay Butler (Philly Pride)