Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Breaking News: Mario Chalmers Joins The World Of AAU

 Mario Chalmers (Miami Heat)

The Mario V. Chalmer’s Foundation is coming to the national AAU circuit. Mario Chalmers is best known for his national championship winning miracle shot at Kansas and is currently the point guard for the NBA defending champion Miami Heat. Mario is one of a handful in basketball history to have won a national championship in AAU, high school, college, and the NBA. Chalmer’s Team Rio Elite 6th grade team will based out of central New Jersey and compete nationally in the NJ State AAU district and NYBL. The team will be trained by I’m Possible founder Micah Lancaster and Bryce Stanhope. Team Rio’s first basketball spotlight tournament will be the Memorial Day Classic. For info regarding Team Rio Elite including tryouts, please contact Brian Klatsky at or 732-904-0950.