Monday, February 4, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Nate Pierre Louis (Plainfield, NJ) Entry #7

Nate Dressed To Impress

Hello basketball world. Here’s how my week went. 

Monday was extremely boring. I woke up groggy as usual and thanked God for another day. I was excited that it was Catholic Week but when we had mass and actually had to work my mode changed. After school I went home, worked out and fell asleep. 

Tuesday was fun at school because after we completed out three tests we were allowed to have free time for the rest of the day. Therefore I spent the afternoon playing video games. After school I took a long nap before working out and calling it a night. Besides going to Math block 

Wednesday was the funniest and coolest day ever. We had a chance to play against the 7th Graders. At first I wasn’t going to go hard but then one of my friends said he wanted to crush them. Before the game I gave the little girls hugs and the boys high fives because they look up to me. Right before our game I watched my little brother Josh destroy the 5th Graders lol. Now it’s my turn! During the game I got a steal and tried to dunk but got rim stuck (that happens a lot). But the second time I stole it the crowd was chanting “dunk it”. I raced down and did the Isaiah Briscoe dunk. Everyone was in awe including myself. I called the dunk the Briscoe dunk because in 8th Grade he would dunk from the side of the rim. 

Thursday, I was Teacher for a Day. I was so nervous I was sweating underneath my arm pits. I had to teach Math to Joshua’s class and they are the worst behaved class in the entire school. So my friend Farah and I told them we would kick them out of class if they gave us trouble. After teaching the class we enjoyed sundaes and they were so good. Then I came home and slept for over four hours. My dad said I’m probably about to have a growth spurt. I woke up only to go work out and then I went to sleep again. 

Friday was the best day of the week. We had free time the entire day and then we went to the carnival. I ended the school day by winning a couple of prizes. After school I went to the Prudential Center to watch the Newark National Invitational. The first game I watched my bros at St. Peters Prep destroy Plainfield. The next game I got to see my big bro Tyus. He is huge right now he has to be 6’6. In the main event I watched Boogie Briscoe help his St. Benedict team end St. Anthony’s long winning streak. The games had me excited to play in the Clash. 

Saturday I woke up and headed to the breakfast club. After the workout we went to Joshua’s game. He had a good game. The first game we beat The Connection, then we had a tough loss to CBC and playoff loss to the Playaz. My old teammate Jamir Harris plays with the Playaz, they got us this time but we will get them back soon. 

Sunday was the Super Bowl and I wanted the Ravens to win. Our team had already lost in the tournament but I had to support my brother Joshua so we went to the game. Their first game they faced their rivals Team IZOD and finally beat them. I was so happy for Josh. Then they played Team Nelson which featured a good matchup between Josh and Mark Bradshaw. They won and he had another good game. They made it to the championship once again. Every tournament they seem to make the finals. During the chip they fell behind by 31 points but rallied back to only lose by 8. I’m so proud of his team. I went home to watch the Super Bowl and I’m happy the Ravens won. I felt bad because I seen so people wearing 49ers jerseys (not saying any names lol). 

Ok that was my diary. I’m out! I have school in the morning.