Monday, February 18, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Nate "The Great" Pierre Louis (Plainfield, NJ) Entry #9

Nate Playing Above The Rim 

Hey basketball world. This week was a tough week and here’s how it went. 

Monday was tough because we started a week full of midterms. My first midterm was in science and it was much easier than expected. Maybe it’s because my mom is such a great teacher. The positive part of midterm was that we didn’t have any homework. I had to get ready for senior night which included my last home game. I just want to thank Coach Will for seeing something in me that no one else did at such a young age. GSA is where my basketball journey began. After the game I went straight home and went to sleep. 

Tuesday was a normal school day. After school I worked out, took a long nap, played video games and went to sleep. The next day was Ash Wednesday. We had prayer service and received our ashes. I’m not sure if you guys celebrate Ash Wednesday but it was a great experience. The tough part about Wednesday was I had my Math midterm. Earlier in the day I received the results of my science midterm and received a score of 96%. It was the highest in the class (sorry Aanisah) she’s a girl that is competing with me for valedictorian. She is also a good ball player so Mr. Melton I know you have a website for girls so be on the lookout for her. 

Thursday I was excited I had the second part of my math midterm and it was pretty easy. I also had my reading test and religion exam later in the day. Having two exams made for an exhausting day and I couldn’t wait to get home. 

Friday was a ½ Day of school and we had the bake sale. I ate some great snacks and received one of the biggest sugar rushes ever. I was bouncing all over the place. They next day I did my normal breakfast club workout and I had fun. I love working with my dad because he keeps me focused. Afterwards I went home, put my feet up and watched NBA All Star Weekend. Terrence Ross is the best dunker in the NBA. If you don’t agree please respond in the comment section lol. 

Sunday I had a game but first I went to my aunt’s baby shower. Yes I said baby shower. It was busy but I had fun. I love my family. Then it was off to my game and it was the funniest game ever. Players were falling and bumping into others. It was so much fun and I love my squad. Ok guys that was my week, I have to get some rest because I have a big game against Jamir “The Terminator” Harris tomorrow. It’s going to be fun, wish me luck. Nate Out!