Monday, February 11, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Nate "The Great" Pierre Louis (Plainfield, NJ) Entry #8

Nate In Italy  

Hello, basketball world I had a great and I’m happy to share it with you guys. 

Monday was a not like a regular school day because I actually woke up in a good mode. I was happy because I had my mom science block and we were dissecting frogs. We have learned about the human anatomy and now were ready to venture into the body of a frog. I was so excited but I tried to come into to school and stay to myself but my friends quickly changed my mood. We dissected for an hour and it was a smooth ride. After school I went straight to my workout, took a long nap, ate dinner and went back to sleep again. 

Tuesday, I was so excited because I got my Spanish test back and scored 105%. I was hyped up. I wanted the day to be over so because I started to get bored and was thinking about my game on Wednesday. After school I went home and measured myself by my door and I can say that I’m 6’0 and ¼. I was so happy. Then I went to work out, took a nap, ate dinner, watched TV and went back to sleep. 

Wednesday was the best day of the week because school flew past even the Math block. I’m beginning to get used to the Math block but I was happy because we had a game. Before my game I watched my Joshua “The Jet” (new nickname lol) play and he made like five guys fall. I’m learning a lot from my little brother being a point guard because it comes natural to him. When my game arrived I wasn’t looking to score I was trying to break my little brothers assist record but I fell short by eight. We have fun playing together for our school and afterwards my mom took us to Yapple Yogurt. That yogurt was great. 

Thursday, was a normal day and we had a bunch of reviews for our upcoming mid-term exams. We also had gym which is always a fun activity but I couldn’t wait to get home. While at home my little brother “The Jet” ran up and told me school was cancelled tomorrow and we ran straight for the XBOX. I played until 12:45 A.M., please don’t tell my parents. 

Friday was a chill day at home; I played the XBOX and began laughing after reading twitter. I found out the storm name was Nemo and I wondered who comes up with the names of these storms. I want to meet this person because I think that was a great name. 

Saturday, I was up watching Paul. It is a great movie if you haven’t heard of it please look it up. After falling asleep my father woke me up and told me we were leaving. I thought we were going to work out but he gave me shovel and told me to join my little brothers outside. We were shoveling for about two hours but then my neighbor Mr. Wilfred saved us with his snow blower. Thank God for Mr. Wilfred because his snow blower shortened our job about two hours. After that I went back in to play XBOX and watched the Louisville versus Notre Dame game which was a geat showdown. 

Sunday I had a game at IS8 against South Shore on the 16U level. I played well but we lost by 12. I try to stay positive even when we lose because you have to take the lesson learned from each game. Ok Basketball World that was my week and I have to study for mid-terms. Enjoy your week.