Friday, February 1, 2013

Clash For The Cup Preview: Lets Get Ready To Rumble

CBC Looking To Continue Winning Ways  

The 8th Grade Division is stacked with several teams that have something to prove. It’s going to be some serious battles in the trenches and here are the participants. 

Clash For The Cup 8th Grade Preview 

CBC: The mighty “Money Team” took a championship loss up in Massachusetts. So will they rebound and come out with a vengeance or will opponents see this as a chink in their armor? I can’t wait to see. 

Playaz: PBC owns the championship victory over the CBC now they will chase their first Spotlight championship in the programs history. If “The Terminator” is own it could be curtains for the field. 

CIA Bounce: Bounce will be looking for some get back after getting knocked off during the Tip Off Classic. They have one of the powerful teams in this age group. Don’t be surprised if they are holding the banner on Sunday. 

Team Final: We know TF will perform better than their 1-2 showing at the Tip Off Classic. They have a big time showdown with CIA Bounce on Saturday. It’s on. 

DC Assault: DCA feels like they have some unfinished business and opponents need to be concerned. They are stacked and hungry for a title. 

Expressions: The X should be exciting to watch especially if Nate “The Great” is suiting up again. The Saturday night showdown with CBC should be a joy to watch. 

Black Mambas: BM has danced in the Blue Division now they feel they are ready for the heavy weights. They will be thrown into the fire early with a pool of DC Assault and Playaz. 

The Connection: I don’t know anything about this team but I hope they are ready for some serious work. Welcome to Basketball Spotlight. 

Team IZOD: This squad’s experience might help them get over the hump. They have enough weapons in their arsenal to win it all. They will have to get past a stingy New Heights team in pool play. 

Milbank: A year removed from the Grand Finale final four; “The Bank” is trying to reestablish itself among the elite. A deep run in the Clash might help them out. 

New Heights: The cat is out of the bag so these boys can’t sneak up on anyone. They are coming off a final four run at the Tip Off Classic. Now they will be looking to get into that championship round. 

6th Man Warriors: This is our first look at the Warriors this season. I’m anxious to see what they have brewing.