Monday, February 11, 2013

Inside The Clash For The Cup 7th Grade: International Invasion!

CIA Bounce Answered The Bell  

The 7th Grade Division of the Clash For The Cup was something to watch and here’s a final look at the developments from this event including the All Tournament Team. 

Inside The Clash For The Cup 7th Grade 

CIA Bounce Wants “Supreme Team” 
CIA Bounce won the Clash title but they felt the mission wasn’t complete with a rematch with Team IZOD. IZOD defeated CIA in the semifinals at the Tip Off Classic but had to pull out the Clash. This rematch might happen if the Canadian squad joins the awesome field in Atlantic City. I would love to see them tangle again. 

Gauchos Make Some Noise! 
The Gauchos entered the Clash with something to prove and they got the job done. The Boys from the Bronx fought through the tough terrain to make it to the finals. I like their personnel and the energy they play with on the court. The Choz seem ready for some work. 

Clash For The Cup 7th Grade All Tournament Team 
Danilo Djuricic (CIA Bounce) 
Simisola Shittu (CIA Bounce) 
John Akende (CIA Bounce) 
Jonathan Kabongo (CIA Bounce) 
Keshaun Saunders (CIA Bounce) 
Walter Tally (Gauchos) 
Jordan McCallister (Gauchos) 
Jalen Lecque (Gauchos) 
Myles Dread (Metro Sixers) 
Justin Moore (Metro Sixers) 
Brandon Slater (Metro Sixers) 
Dallas Watson (Milbank)