Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Basketball Spotlight Feature: Swain Spreading His Wings

Azar Swain (CBC)

The “Money Team” entered the season with their usual suspects as prime stars but few envisioned the emergence of Azar Swain. Swain is one of the hottest players on the AAU circuit right now. The improvements in his game have become evident especially to his coach Reggie Hatchett. “Azar has taken full advantage of playing against the top competition. He is a student of the game so he is great at studying opponents. He recognizes his deficiencies and focuses on turning them into strengths. His basketball IQ mixed with his dedication to training is the reason why he is improving at this fast rate” said Hatchett. 

Basketball Spotlight will keep you posted on Swain’s progress and don’t forget to check out the “Money Team” as they head down to America’s Playground for the Atlantic City Showcase March 30th and 31st.