Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Inside The Clash For The Cup 5th Grade: New Champion Emerges

CJ Hawks Title Winners  

The 5th Grade Division of the Clash For The Cup wrapped up with a thrilling final. Here’s our last look at the stories and developments from this age group. 

Inside The Clash For The Cup 5th Grade 

CJ Hawks Flying High!
The CJ Hawks came to the Clash to earn some respect and they achieved that and more. CJH won the title while defeating some good teams including Team Phenom and Team Glory. Now they will move up in our rankings and have made a name on this circuit. 

Team Glory Still One Point Away 
Team Glory made it to their second championship game and lost by only one point. As you remember during the Tip Off Classic they fell to the Gauchos by one point in the finals. Their next stop will be the AC Showcase and they are one of the early favorites once again. The banner is within their reach. 

Clash For The Cup 5th Grade All Tournament Team 
Tomas Bublis (CJ Hawks) 
Charlie Gordinier (CJ Hawks) 
Noah Harris (CJ Hawks) 
Joe Manfredi (CJ Hawks) 
Zion Harmon (Team Glory) 
Noah Charles (Team Glory) 
Dimingus Stephens (Team Glory) 
Jomo Goions (Team Glory) 
Jamari Foy (Team DEMI) 
Terrence Clarke (Team DEMI) 
Kurtis Henderson (Team DEMI) 
Zahree Harrison (Team Phenom) 
Nymire Little (Team Phenom) 
Dymire Baez (Team Phenom)