Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Clash For The Cup 8th Grade Top Performers: Part 1

Jamir Harris (PBC)  

The 8th Grade Division has some epic battles including the finals. Now here’s a look at some of the top performers from the Clash For The Cup. 

Clash For The Cup 8th Grade Top Performers Part 1 

Jamir Harris Guard (Playaz)- This weekend Harris separated himself from the rest of the pack. The strong combo guard lit up the competition, helped grind out wins and led the Playaz to their first Spotlight championship. Here’s clearly the frontrunner for Player Of The Year Honors.
Marcus McClary Guard (Playaz)- The lefty has good versatility and the addition of Patterson allows him to roam the perimeter a little more. I like his slashing game and ability to score in traffic. He seems to never rush and allows the game to come. 

Tristan Patterson Forward (Playaz)- Patterson looks comfortable with his new squad. His game expands to the perimeter but he knows that his bread butter his working the baseline and in the paint. He brings a Kenyon Martin type play and energy to this squad. The other players feed off his intensity.  

RJ Cole Guard (Playaz)- In the finals Cole displayed that veteran clutch play he developed with F.A.C.E.S.. In the closing minutes he drained two big trey balls that helped his squad stay close in the see-saw battle. His championship game experience was on full display.
Leondre Washington Guard (Playaz)- Washington deserves a lot of credit by running this team and making sure everyone’s happy. He dictates the pace, drains the open shot and plays well on the defensive end. He has settled into a crafty point guard.
Jamir Moultrie Guard (DC Assault)- Not many guards puts pressure on the defense like Moultrie. He’s always in attack mode and when he’s not finishing at the tin he’s knocking down a deep jumper. He must develop a pull up to avoid be called for charging fouls.
Chris Lykes Guard (DC Assault)- Many fell in love with Lyke this weekend because the lightning quick guard displayed that toughness that can’t be taught. He drove the teeth of the defense and wasn’t afraid to leap into the chest of the shot blockers. He understands the use of the floater and goes to it when needed. 

Chy'ree Walker Forward (DC Assault)- If you’re not careful Walker will bang one on your head. This kid is a quick leaper and jumps out the gym. I like how he plays the passing lanes on defense and explodes in transition.
Luther Anderson Guard (DC Assault)- Anderson is instant offense off the bench. He specializes in using the rim as shield to shot blockers while scooping a right hand lay up on the left side. His scores in bunches and his drives kept this close for DCA. 

Douglas Cooper Guard (DC Assault)- Cooper is another Assault guard with good perimeter skills including a mean ratchet. He has some wiggle in his game which allows him to get into the lane whenever he wants.