Sunday, May 8, 2011

One On One Feat.Tyler Bourne (Juice All Stars)

The Big Apple has been known for having top point guards for ages. Every youngster that handles the rock wants to be the next Kenny Anderson or Stephon Marbury. The next floor general with these aspirations is Tyler Bourne of Juice All Stars. We hollered at the young Brooklyn baller and here’s our One on One.

One On One

BS: What are your goals for the season?
TB:My goals for this season are to win a national title and become player of the year.

BS: How does it feel being one of the next good point guards from NYC?
TB: It’s a small achievement for me that I’m grateful for but I want to be known as the best PG in NYC so I must work even harder everyday until then.

BS: Who’s your favorite player and why?
TB:Dwayne wade because I like his explosiveness every time he touches the floor and his willingness to take over a game at any given moment.

BS: What is the strongest part of your game?
TB:I would have to say my basketball IQ for my age and the ability to take over a game at crunch time.

BS: What part of your game needs the most work?
TB: I need improvement in everything because nobody was born perfect and I realized that in this game one needs the best of both worlds; Education, determination and skills. Booksb4ball is how I see it.

BS: What’s your dream college?
TB: UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY because I like the way the coach runs his system.

BS: What’s your biggest moment at a Basketball Spotlight event?
TB: In the Grand Finale tournament when the Juice all stars was down by 20 pts coming into the 3rd quarter against the Maryland Panthers and me as a PG started taking over the game bringing us to a victory by 1 pt.

BS: Who’s the toughest player you ever faced?
TB: Well for the times that I played up a grade it will have to be Rakym Felder and Tyus Battle and for my grade I will have to say Andre Boykin.

BS: This will be your first year playing in the Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase, what do you expect from this event?
TB: I expect to have fun, enjoy the competition, and play the best to become the best.

BS: Who would you love to have dinner with?
TB: Michael Jordan because he is the best player to ever have stepped foot on a court.