Sunday, May 15, 2011

D 1 Spects Converse Elite Day 2 Recap: 8th Grade Top Performers

Kevon Purify (Alabama Dream Team)

Day 2 of the D 1 Spects Converse Elite tourney was underway and Basketball Spotlight was in the ATL for the action. This morning we caught an interesting 14U showdown featuring Alabama Dream Team 14U and Georgia Stars 13U. Here’s the breakdown of the top performers.

Top Performers

Kevon Purfiy Guard (Alabama Dream Team)- Purfiy was definitely the best grammar school player at this event. The big guard has all the tools to become a special prospect. He stands 6’5, has a lot of wiggle, rebounds the pill, excellent court vision and great athleticism. The youngster does need to handle his emotions a little better and move better without the rock. In terms of potential with dedication and hard work the sky is the limit. He’s one of the top 8th Graders I’ve seen this season.

Adam Ellis Forward (Georgia Stars)- Ellis is a miniature Larry Johnson. He plays from the foul line in but only stands about 5’10. He uses his shoulders and strength to create space and avoid shot blockers. He was effective at times.

Chad Clay Guard (Georgia Stars)- The Stars leaned on the Clay to get buckets and he delivered. Chad registered many of his points leaking out in transition and scoring in traffic. He also showed a nose for the ball by hitting the glass and getting put backs.

James Walker Forward (Georgia Stars)- Walker brought his game against Alabama. The slashing forward drives primarily to the right and extends for buckets. He did most of his damage roaming the baseline and finishing strong. He also helped out on the glass.

Christopher Lewis Forward (Georgia Stars)- Standing 6’6 Lewis is still in project form offensively but the big body clogged the lane and rejected or altered several shots. In the post his main concern should be improving his footwork and elevation at this point.

Darrien Taylor Guard (Georgia Stars)- The pint size point guard was a major spark off the bench. He changed the tempo and kicked the ball to the correct spots. On defense he made things tough for the Alabama ball handlers.

Davonte Jenkins Guard (Alabama Dream Team)- Jenkins has a strong frame and uses it to score the pill. Most of his success comes from charging the lane and bullying past defenders. He definitely has a punishing style of play.

Kevon Brown Guard (Alabama Dream Team)- Brown is a two guard trapped in a point guard’s body. He has the ability to finish the difficult shot but could make his day a little easier by trusting his teammates a little more. He was one of the quickest guards in the building