Friday, May 20, 2011

John Lucas International Combine Report: Class 2016 Top Performers

Thon Maker 6'11 Forward (Australia)

Report Developed By Darnell “Tate” Johnson Of HoopScouting

Thon Maker 6'11 from Australia was by far the best prospect in the building. Having just turned 14 in February this kid is skilled and skilled and skilled for days. He has ball handling ability of a guard and shot blocking ability envious of some college seniors. Maker was everywhere on the court trying to make plays and help teammates out on defense. He was a station joy to watch as he went hard through every station and was always paying attention to the coach speaking. Our American kids need to take note of this kid’s demeanor and his respect for the game because it was off the charts. He got hurt in day 2 and had to be forced by Lucas to sit out the rest of the camp, and still cheered his teammates on ML Carr style.

Tyus Battle 6'2 NJ was extremely impressive getting to the basket and making plays for his teammates. Has the length and basketball IQ to be a special one from the Garden state.

Jashaun Agosto 5'1 WA was the smallest player in the camp but was not small on impact. He was dropping dimes and getting steals and knocking down outside shots when open.

Derron Davis 6'8 CO was a beast in every sense of the word. He played big and battled hard with Stone, Fowler and other 2015 bigs and more than held his own. His skill level is good for a 7th grader but his talent and length is out of this world.

Braxton Beverly 5'11 KY played well and really held his own against the older guards when matched up with Jennifer in stations.

Joshua Langford 6'4 AL is a special talent to start, but when he buckled up and went at Kejuan Johnson as a 7th grader we knew this was going to be a special kid. His competitiveness in day 2 really impressed, as day 1 he was passive and timid. Athletically he will have few peers and his skill set to match is going to make him a hand full for others down the road.

Seventh Woods 5'11 SC played great all weekend, though he didn't say a single word his game spoke volumes for his talent and his future.

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