Friday, May 20, 2011

John Lucas International Combine Report: Class 2015 Top Performers Part 1

Kejaun Johnson (Atlanta, Georgia)

Report Developed By Darnell Tate Johnson Of HoopScouting

Kejuan Johnson 6'7 GA was a man amongst boys, dominated going to the rim and above it for monstrous dunks. When he gets rid of his cruise control he will be fun to watch. Showed good touch from outside, no one really challenged him with the exception of top tier 2016 Joshua Langford, more on that later. Kejuan, they have said is not going to grow and guys in his class are going to catch up to him and pass him, well they have been saying it for 3 years now, and guess what, they still haven’t caught him.

Daniel Giddens 6'8 GA was one of the surprise bigs that came out and balled all weekend. He has the length and athletic ability to be a big time ACC/SEC forward one day, his learning curve is up there too as he was one of the better players in the stations both days.

Ed Porter 6'6 FL has a motor and strength about him that tell you he’s going to get better. He needs major skill improvement on the perimeter with his ball handling and shooting skills but that’s why these kids are in 8th grade, not a finished product but his future is bright if he improves those perimeter skills and can improve his footwork in the post, could be a guy who could challenge Kejuan down the road.

Diamond Stone 6'9 WI was the best big man in the camp and that’s a lot to be said for with all the bigs in attendance. He has great hands and feet, knows where the defense is at all times and uses it to his advantage on spin moves to score. His match up with 6'7 Nate Fowler was something we will remember for a long time as these two skilled bigs went at it in every possession.

Nate Fowler 6'7 OH has slimmed his body down and has gotten quicker, "Baby Love" as the kids were calling him rebounded the ball, made great passes and showed great touch using the backboard on numerous shots.

Charles Simmons 6'2 TX was the hometown hero who showed out all weekend. Smooth game with great transition skills and ability to find teammates. Long arms allow him to get his hands on balls on defense, when he decides to turn his intensity on 10 watch out he will be a hand full.

Luke Kennard 6'4 OH was probably one of the most productive players all weekend as he played all over the floor getting steals, loose balls, offensive rebounds, hitting 3s pushing it in transition for layups or assists to teammates. Really was impressive for someone we didn’t know a lot about coming in.

Jaqualis Matlock 6'3 KY has the grown man strength of few in his class, will compete and battle inside against anyone. He needs to expand his game to maintain an elite prospect but playing with the Cincy Knights and their loaded group he will have a chance to develop on the perimeter.

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