Friday, May 20, 2011

John Lucas International Combine Report: Class 2015 Top Performers Part 2

Franklin Howard 6'4 Guard (Maryland)

Report Developed By Darnell "Tate" Johnson For Hoopscouting

Franklin Howard 6'4 MD was Mr. Everything for his team playing some point and sliding to the power forward slot at times. His length and baby face tell you he’s going to sprout and be a big athletic skilled guard in the long run, one of our favorites of the camp.

Jerron Love 5'7 NY was a poised pg who got the ball around to his teammates and really pushed in in transition. His ball handling are second to none, but what is going to make him special is his defense, if he becomes a full court terrorist he could be a problem.

Dorian Chatman 6'5 TX came out of his shell out the outside court against Kejuan Johnson who was destroying his team. Chatman stepped up and made big plays taking on Johnson and forcing turnovers and rallying his team to win a couple quarters. Best big man prospect in Houston will be a force town the road with his progress.

Toby Mbanugo 6'9 TX was a completely unknown coming into the camp, came away very well known from his fellow bigs. He has length and athletic ability to rebound and block shots with the best of them. He plays extremely hard on both ends and his upside is off the charts. Keep an eye on this kid.

Sedrick Barefield 5'11 CA played well throughout the camp but didn’t live up to his billing as a top tier point prospect. Needs to do something to separate himself from the pack but he has all the tools to do so, love to see him try and kill these other pgs than try and be friends with all of them off the court.

Andrew Fleming 6'3 FL High energy kid who was a ball of fun to watch in stations as he always led his group and pushed his teammates. Day 1 wasn’t his best day in the games as he was forcing the action shooting too much, but Day 2 he settled down and was a flat out play maker that we have expected.

Jared Evans 6'1 TX was a beast on the offensive and defensive end in every game we saw. He really impacts the outcomes of games and that is special for a guy who really doesn’t have a position because he is like a mini Ron Artest at 6'1.

Jamar Ergas 6'3 CAN was a freak all week!!! His highlight reel from the weekend may never be completed as soo much footage is tough to track down. His skill level is where it should be for an 8th grader but what he does you can’t teach, and when his skill level and intensity come close to his talent and athletic ability he will be a top 5 player period.

Traci Carter 5'11 PA was a mini Dajuan Wagner clone, scoring whenever he wanted and dishing behind the back passes and no looks whenever he chose to. He really impressed us on defense with his ability to get up into his defender time and time again for steals.