Sunday, May 1, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Malachai "Shoota" Richardson (Trenton, NJ) Entry # 24

What’s Up Everybody!

It’s the “Shoota” coming at you. My week at school was cool, we got our progress reports and as I expected everything was good. My teacher even gave me a compliment on how well my 10 page report is going, I’ve been working hard on it so it better be going good…lol. I have a 92 in one class and 96’s in the rest, I need to bring that 92 up to a 93 to have all A’s. My mom’s gonna let me get another tattoo if I get all A’s, I have six weeks to bring that grade up and think about my next tattoo.

We have our spring break coming up, I’m looking forward to having the week off and sleeping a little late, well maybe, because I know my mom will be calling me all morning from work asking, no telling me to do this or do that…lol.


First, I’d like to thank God for road mercy, and Coach P and his driving skills, the last four weekends we’ve been traveling out of the state for basketball tournaments…..TIRED!!

We had practice and then got right on the road to Pittsburgh for the Hoop Group Jam Fest. Talk about black and yellow, it was everywhere, I see where Wiz Khalifa got some of his inspiration for his song…lol. We got there late night, I was glad we didn’t play until noon the next day. As a team it was a good tournament for us, we lost in the semi-final game, we were winning and at the end of the game we had a tech called on us, they made the free throws….game over.

Next road trip was back to Hampton VA, for the Nike Easter Invitational. We had games Saturday morning and afternoon; we won both by 25+. My boy “Fresh” is finally back after being out for a while with the ankle issues; he makes the game a little easier for us. Next up was the Gym Rats, they have two 6’8 players, this was the game everybody was talking about and waiting to see, we won by 25+. We won the pool, than played a terrible quarterfinal game early Sunday morning. As bad as we where we still won by 10.

Our next game was against our rival the Philly Aztecs in the semi-final. This was a physical, a lot of trash talking, super long game. There was 5 techs called and a player ejections; through all the madness we won by 25+. Shout out to the refs it was a lot going on in this game…lol.

Next the championship game, we had an hour to get ourselves together, focus, and be ready to get it on against the Playaz. The championship game was a good close game nothing like the Aztecs game…lol. Well it was a good game until we ran out of gas in the fourth quarter. At the end of the fourth quarter we were up 4 and got questionable intentional foul called on us, they made the free throws, got the ball back and hit a 3. We tried to pull it out by putting them on the line but they did what they had to do, they made their free throws…we lost by 5…..On to the Next One.

Catch you up next week……