Thursday, May 26, 2011

Basketball Spotlight MDC 14U Preview: The Last Dance

Is It Banner Time For Team Scan?

The 14U bracket is extremely thick with talented teams. But, first of all this will be the last Basketball Spotlight team event for most of these teams and we would like to thank all you guys for your support over the years. Now back to the top 14U teams that will be in Neptune.

Basketball Spotlight MDC 14U Preview

Team Scan: TS doesn’t want to leave the Spotlight without winning a banner. Some members won a crown as KYDA but none since the merger. They have an excellent chance to running the table and finally knocking off their nemesis called Expressions. The backcourt of Chris Atkinson, Bryce Aiken and Justin Roberts will be counted on heavily.

Expressions: The X called my bluff with a championship game run in AC. Believe or not those 4 points gave them a backdoor chance of making it to Summer Slam. That would be something if they were crowned Grand Champion. Chris Baldwin and Juwan Gooding will look to carry the load.

F.A.C.E.S.: The Boys in Black have cooled off a little after beginning the season on fire. Now it’s on to the MDC so look for General Cole to have the troops ready. They have a serious pool featuring CBC and New Heights.

Fairfax Stars: Coach Pittman boys are excited to get it on at the Spotlight. This is a rugged bunch with loads of experience and a winning tradition. They will lock up with NJ Got Game out the gate. The dynamic duo of Carlos Thrash and Tyvez Monroe gives them a chance to defeat anyone.

CBC: This is CBC 14U first trip to the Spotlight this season. They have one of the top guards in the region in Blair Howard and some quality role players to assist him. They will need all their weapons to make a move through this deep field.

Albany Dream Team: ADT brings a lot of energy to the building. Big Marcus Jackson has trimmed up and should be ready to go. Look for these boys to fight hard to the very end.

NJ Got Game: NJGG will be looking to take home their first Spotlight crown. They had a decent showing in the Clash For The Cup and made it to the final four of the DC Assault Classic. Otis Livingston and Isaiah Still headline this group. We also want to see how Jamir Harris looks in his first Spotlight event in a new jersey.

Linden Ballers: Tha Ballers made it to another NJ AAU State title game. I like the toughness they bring to the table. If the chips fall the right way they might can trip up a few teams. Juwan Dolbrice is a good up and coming guard.

Long Island Lightning: Last year this group made a strong run at the MDC. Now can Lightning strike twice? We will see this weekend. Coach Severio should have the boys ready.

Montgomery County: Coach Stewart said these boys are ready for the Orange Division. Well your wish is my command. They will take on Team Scan from the rip and that should be very interesting. We heard Horace Spencer might be suiting up.

New Heights: Temple Gibbs has found a new home and will be running the show for this crew. Director Young knows how to rebuild quickly so expect them to only get better.

Positive Image: I scoring guard Mikey Dixon will have the pistols blazing. But this time he will be playing in the main venue and all eyes will be watching.

NJ Shore Shots: Luke O’Shaughnessy leads the way for the boys from Hoop Group Headquarters. They should be considered as one of the favorites to win the Blue Division.

NJ Shore Swish: Twin guards Jason and Kyle Czajkowski will be making their Spotlight debuts. This team has some disciplined players and we will see if they can stand the heat baby.

JS Devils: This veteran group features excellent guard Shaun Belbey and forward Jack Laffy. This is also their final chance to reach pay dirt and earn a Spotlight banner.