Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Isaiah "Boogie" Briscoe (Team Scan, Playaz) Entry #6

Monday was a good day for me. I went to school and was informed I received good grades on my test I took the previous week. After school I played basketball at my friend’s house, worked out, knocked off my homework, watched the game and fell asleep. Tuesday, was pretty much the same routine but that evening I went shopping with my mom for some new sneakers.

Wednesday, I had a great day in school. Later I went to the workout with the Playaz. I was totally exhausted when I got home so I just completed my homework, did my laundry, watched the game and took it down for the night. Thursday and Friday were both laid back days. I was just looking forward to playing in the tournament that weekend.

Saturday, we took the trip down to Maryland at 7 in the morning. Our first which was scheduled for 2 o clock was cancelled because Team Melo didn’t show up. We went to watch our 16u team play against the Ruff Riders. The game was hot but we pulled away at the end. We made our way back to the gym where we played Dream Team and we beat them by 26. It was a good game until the end of the second quarter. I had 27 points.

Sunday, morning our first game was against Maryland Finest. We came out aggressive and wasting no time blowing them out. We ended up beating them by 14 and I finished with 17 points. Our next game we were scheduled to play Team Takeover in the semifinals but we forfeited because we had to leave early. Congrats to Team Takeover as they beat Philly Aztecs in the championship.