Saturday, December 20, 2008

Grand Finale 08 Preview: 12U Division

Can Anyone Dethrone Harvest Knights?

The 12U Division at the Holiday Classic has some big time teams and should bring some interesting matchups. Here’s a breakdown of the top teams and players that will be making their way down to Lakewood for the Grand Finale.

12U Grand Finale of 08 Previews

Harvest Knights: The Big dogs return ready to get back the work. They won the MDC crown in awesome fashion and still possess some of the top talent in the region. The 1-2 punch of Malik Ellison and Trevaughn Wilkerson might be the best combo in the region. Many competitors are ready to knock them off the pedestal and here’s the opportunity but it won’t be easy.

F.A.C.E.S: Yes, they have this age group also. Brian Brown and Austin Goodluck form a formable front line and they should do a lot of damage inside. Word also has it that few new players will be taking the floor for Rob Cole’s crew including former Team MVP standout Trey Lowe. Wow!

The Gauchos: When you have Jaquan “Shake and Bake” McKennon and forward Kai Mitchell you are in position to win any tourney. The Gauchos are here to revenge their early MDC exit and should be hungry. The Boys from the Bronx will have everybody watching.

Bayshore Bulldogs: When you think of consistency think of the Bulldogs. The inside play of Jack Laffy and Jack Byrnes is complimented by the perimeter skills of Nick Lubisher. They are going to take care of the rock and make the right plays most of the game. They are always a scary game for anyone.

Linden Ballers: Isiah Still is one of the most talented players in the region and when you throw in the point guard play of Kyle Phipps or steady guard play of Jason peoples things could get interesting. One thing is for certain they will leave it all on the floor.

Philly Aztecs: Stevie Jordan has improved and is ready to make his move as one of the elite players in the region. Jahmil Harris is a strong southpaw that also makes a lot of things happen with the rock in his hands. Philly is in the building.

NJ Pirates: Malcolm Manning is one of the most talented guards in the region and now he will have to show it in the fire. Zachery Torres is Manning’s backcourt mate is also coming on strong lately. Don’t sleep on them.

The City: The City is one of the new teams on the scene and is coming into the tourney with a lot of hype. They come from the Big Apple and are out to represent to the fullest. Good Luck!

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