Sunday, December 7, 2008

Basketball Spotlight Elite 80 Expo Recap: Day 2 Pool 2

Howard Sellers (Coatesville, PA)

The Basketball Spotlight Elite 80 Expo concluded today and it was very special. Here’s a look at a few of the top players that took it to the hardwood today.

Day 2 Top Performers Pool A

Howard Sellars Guard (Coatesville, PA)- Rip Hamilton is from this city thus I can see where Sellars has his mean shooting touch from but what explains how he attacks defenders with a swift crossover and is willing to then stick a jumper in their mouth. He was a pure scorer in his first game. More on him later.

Britton Lee Guard (Philadelphia, PA)- Lee started out his day with a bang in terms of his play. He gets low and goes hard on defense and explodes on the other end of the floor. His jump shot needs some work but it drops more often than not. In his final pool game he stood up big and finished the day off strong.

Gabriel Chandler Forward (Atlantic City, NJ)- The luck of the draw got him Elton Brand uniform number but his play resembled the 76er in his younger mobile days. Chandler has very soft hands and is able to step out behind the arc with confidence. That’s not all; he also gets busy on the post like a true big man with quick moves and feathery touch.

Yosef Yacob Guard (Chester, PA)- No matter the comp Yacobs quickness makes him into an instant factor. Today he was able to turn the corner and drive into the teeth of the defense with outstretched finishes. He complimented this group well. I also liked how he go after it on defense.

Jaquan Johnson Guard (Chester, PA)- It was another solid day for the southpaw floor general. In isolation he rocks defenders the sleep with his slow dribble then attacks the tin with a crisp bounce. He’s thick enough that it’s very hard to strip which allows him challenge shot blockers.

Conrad Chambers Guard (Chester, PA)- Someone yelled out “He can’t shoot” as Chambers nailed a NBA range trey. No one dared questioned his handle as Conrad made defenders disappear all afternoon. He was another player I haven’t seen a lot of but I promise I will this season.

Jakai Rowe Guard (Chester, PA)- Rowe is not a known scorer in this bunch but I need to point out what he brings to the table. He’s a glue player that plays bigger than his size by banging with centers and power forwards every game out. He does possess guard skills but realizes it is not needed much with this group.

Jordan Washington Forward (Queens, NY)- I really enjoyed his company because even though his teammates from Brooklyn didn’t return today he still brought his game and held it down. Jordan played a significant amount of minutes and pushed himself to succeed. He ran the floor like a deer and threw down a few dunks.

Chris Davis Guard (Long Island, NY)- Davis played like one of the top PG’s in the building today. His team’s depletion gave him the opportunity to rock and he took full advantage. The former Mr. MDC forced his will on the game and made brilliant play after brilliant play.

Travis Procida Guard (Paramus, NJ)- I glanced over and saw Procida playing very aggressive and doing some good things. He pushed the rock with a purpose and either scored or dished the pill to moving comrades. He used the second day to make his name known.

Championship Game Story Coming Tomorrow!