Friday, December 12, 2008

Basketball Spotlight Holiday Classic "Grand Finale Of 08"

It’s time to rumble the Basketball Spotlight Holiday Classic is here and will take place December 27th and 28th in Lakewood, NJ at Lakewood High School. This event should feature the top teams in the region and will have serious Basketball Spotlight website coverage. We are only taking 12 teams for each division so sign up quickly. Request an application by email from Mike Melton at or call at 609-532-5122.

Travel Teams and Grammar School Teams are also invited!

Event: Basketball Spotlight Holiday Classic
Date: December 27th and 28th
Place: Lakewood, NJ (Lakewood High School Complex)
Ages: 10U thru 14U or 4th Grade thru 8th Grade
Price:$300 (Holiday Discount)

Schedule Will Be released Sunday December 21th

Registration Deadline: Novermber 25th (No Teams Can Enter After This Date)


Awards and Serious Website Coverage will be given.

Confirmed Teams

14U Teams
1. Jersey Shore Fliers
2. Team Nelson
3. Trenton Hurricanes
4. Hoop Heaven AAU
5. PPY Elite
6. Asbury Park Rec
7. Team Underrated
8. New York Panthers
9. F.A.C.E.S.
10. Brooklyn USA
11. Shooting Stars

13U Teams
1. Linden Ballers
2. Team NJ ABC
3. JSL Hoops
4. NJ Pirates
5. Team Underrrated
6. Team Nelson
7. Team TS
8. Delaware Finest

12U Teams
1. Bayshore Bulldogs
2. Linden Ballers
3. Playtime Basketball
4. F.A.C.E.S.
5. The City
6. Harvest Knights
7. Philly Aztecs
8. Mid Jersey Heat
9. Team Underrated
10. NJ Pirates
11. Gauchos

11U Teams
1. F.A.C.E.S.
2. Mid Jersey Heat
3. Team Underrated
4. Bay State Magic (Massachusetts)
5. KBR Raptors
6. Team Battle
7. Team Ron Artest
8. Gauchos
9. PTS Pistons (Maryland)
10. On Point Cyclones
11. Delaware Finest