Sunday, December 7, 2008

Basketball Spotlight Elite 80 Recap: Day 2 Pool 1

Shacore Edwards (Irvington, NJ)

The Basketball Spotlight Elite 80 Expo concluded today and it was very special. Here’s a look at a few of the top players that took it to the hardwood today.

Day 2 Top Performers Pool A

Shacore Edwards Guard (Irvington, NJ)- I will say it first here, Edwards proved today that the top prospect in Jersey is his for the taken. The silky smooth wing guard did whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. When he touches the rock the spectators take immediate notice. He rebounds, drains the jumper but looks even better scoring at the cup.

Jaren Sina Guard (Lake Hopatcong, NJ)- The point guard stole the show with his scoring especially shooting from the perimeter. In the pivotal game to get his team to the championship he lit up the opponents with a milky stroke the tickled the twine several times. He played big.

Jordan Forehand Guard (Bridgewater, NJ)- Forehand brought his game out when it really counted. Strong drives and help on the boards was his claim to fame. The comp got serious on Day 2 and Forehand showed that he could get it done against anybody. He plays very hard and never took plays off.

Will Joyce Forward (Newark, NJ)- Will shook off the first day jitters and brought his game. The Joe Smith clone hit the boards early and hard. He got several put backs and scored with ease at times. His length caused problems for the opposition and he picked his team up when he came on the floor.

Rakwan Kelly Forward (Newark, NJ)- The high spirited forward brought his game out once again. Finishing is how he gets it done and he did it more than often. Kelly got it done in the half court setting and made a living scoring on the opposition. He’s a serious athlete.

Marquise Watson Guard (Jersey City, NJ)- This youngster will probably turn-out to be a top notch football player but today he made some good plays. He scored on some tough moves and made kept his team close when things looked bad. He has a lot of enthusiasm.

Stephen McNair Guard (Newark, NJ)- The lefty loves the crossover dribble and does use it to get pass the defenders. I also like his court vision and his pass first mentality. I just must learn not to get into trouble dribbling and penetrating too deep.

Drew Corsi Guard (Rumson, NJ)- Corsi shook off a serious illness and brought his A game. Drew penetrated the gaps and dished the rock to open floaters. The stage was big and the point guard from the Jersey Shore got the job done today. He’s a real fighter.

Kyle Quiero Forward (Verona, NJ)- The forward doesn’t want to get stuck in the post and he showed why. He got the job done on the boards but really impressed me with his ball handling skills and scoring in transition. He has good size and knows what to do with the rock.

Bryan Rivers Guard (West Windsor, NJ)- Rivers likes to deliver the rock and did the job today. The big guard looks for teammates when driving but in transition he really sparkles allows him to see over defenders when delivering the pill. Look out Central Jersey.

Jerron Love Guard (Bronx, NY)- The young PG got the his game together today and cooked numerous defenders even dropping one after a crossover. The youngster enjoys passing the ball and looks to drive draw and dish when getting into the lane.

Lewis Hayes Forward (Voorhees, NJ)- Lewis also used Day 2 to showcase his talent. The wing forward has a nice shot but also showed his scoring in traffic skills. Passive play doesn’t pay in this environment should he got more aggressive today.