Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Diary Of A Baller: Jason Boswell Entry # 11


Wassup basketball world back again to tell you how my weekend went.

On Friday after school I spent most of my day with my school teammate and NY Patriots teammate Jovon Parks. We went to St Raymond's High Schools first home game. I went to see my boy Nkereuwem Okoro & Jatton Pierce Bias play. They played Poly Prep. It was an easy win for Rays.

On Saturday my school played against St. Theresa our first home game of the season. Another easy win. We won 90 to 44. I also went to movies with some of the St. Raymond High School players. (Bryan, Nkereuwem Okoro, Myron Hickman.) We had fun.

Sunday was the big game in Funsport because if we didn’t win no playoffs for us. Due to academics 3 players could not play so we only had 5. I played extremely well. I scored the basket to take us into overtime and in the overtime session no one could stop me and my Lightning teammate Raven Owens. I finished the game with about 25 or more points. I played very well. But we had some great coaching by Shandue (Smiles) McNeil. I love that dude. (LOL)

I just finished working out with Nkereuwem Okoro and Patriots coach Elliott Rosado and my father and I’m exhausted so I’m going so peace out. (BUTTA)

PS: And congrats to Patriots win in Funsport and good game Jovon on your first real game back off that injury.