Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Basketball Spotlight Elite 80 Expo Preview: New York Version

What’s a basketball event without some New York flavor? That’s why the Expo has brought in some of the top talent from the Empire State. Here’s the breakdown of the ballers coming over the water. Is Brooklyn in the house? Without a doubt!

Big Apple Ballers

Ethan Telfair Guard (Brooklyn, NY)- People remember him from “Through The Fire” now we will see him in the fire as the guard comp will be serious. I’m not worried as this youngster has shown he’s ready for who-ever. Check for this unique ball handler to show the spectators that he’s next in line for the NYC future point gods.

Shaquille Davis Guard (Brooklyn, NY)- The rugged guard is out to prove that no one can guard him off the bounce. Davis is known for punishing defenders with a strong handle and finishing at the cup. Once he gets past most guards Shaquille explodes to the tin with finesse. Expect some high scoring from this youngster.

Isiah Louis Guard (Brooklyn, NY)- Scoring the rock is what this kid does best. Louis is a silky combo the can shoot the pill and crossover anyone in his way. The long jumper is usually good and his transition game is something to watch. His length and overall game will make many take notice.

Dwayne Foreman Guard (Spring Valley, NY)- This will be Foreman’s chance to show he should be considered one of the best in NY. The youngster has the attributes to take in over the top. He has a handle can score the pill and possess the length that will have college coaches roaming soon. The lefty should be ready to rock.

Lamel Faison Guard (Brooklyn, NY)- This point guard has the flair and point guard skills that will ignite any ball club. He goes either way with confidence and can score the rock especially with a floater or pull jumper. Watch your ankles when he has the rock.

Trevonn Morton Forward (Brooklyn, NY)- I saw Morton at the Hoop Group Jr. Elite Camp and had good things to say. He has long arms that allow him to get involved in a lot during games. He can get it done inside and has got better putting the rock on the floor.

Jordan Washington Forward (Queens, NY)- Post players beware Washington has entered the building. Expect a few double-doubles and per dominance in the paint. I recently visited Funsport where Washington was virtually unstoppable on the blocks. Soft hands, post moves and touch is how he gets it done. Also he’s not one of those big men that roam the perimeter he hammers the boards.

Maynard Grant Forward (Queens, NY)- Grant is very consistent and can nail the face up jumper with the best of them. He looks very good as a weak side rebounder but can also defend on the perimeter as well as the post. It will be interesting to see him in this setting.

Dalique Mingo Guard (Long Island, NY)- Mingo had the hot touch from the perimeter at the MDC so I know he can stroke it. This atmosphere might give him a chance to show his complete game. It’s Showtime Mr. Mingo, You ready?