Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Classic 14U Schedule and Pools

The 14U Pools and Schedules are listed below. We tried to make the event comfortable for everyone but it’s not an easy process. Please follow the schedule and make sure you are present 15 minutes before each. This will be the final schedule except if it’s error on our report.

Pool K
1. Keystone Blazers
2. Trenton Hurricanes
3. Shooting Stars

Pool L
1. Hoop Heaven
2. Delaware's Finest
3. Team Nelson

Pool M
1. PPY Pirates Elite
2. JS Fliers
3. Asbury Park Rec.

Pool N
1. NY Panthers
2. F.A.C.E.S

Saturday December 27th

10:00 AM K1-K2 (CT4)
11:10 AM L1-L2 (CT4)
12:20 PM K1-K3 (CT4)
1:30 PM L1-L3 (CT4)
2:40 PM K2-K3 (CT4)
3:50 PM L2-L3 (CT4)
5:00 PM M1-M2 (CT2)
6:10 PM N1-N2 (CT2)
7:20 PM M1-M3 (CT2)
8:30 PM N1-N3 (CT2)

Sunday December 28th

9:00 AM M2-M3 (CT3)
9:00 AM N2-N3 (CT4)
11:20 AM 3rd Place K vs. 3rd Place L (CT1)
11:20 AM 3rd Place M vs. 3rd Place N (CT2)
1:40 PM 1st K vs. 2nd L (CT1)
1:40 PM 1st L vs. 2nd K (CT2)
4:00 PM 1st M vs. 2nd N (CT1)
4:00 PM 1st N vs. 2nd M (CT4)
5:10 PM Pool K & L Semifinal (CT3)
6:20 PM Pool M & N Semifinal (CT3)
8:30 PM 14 U Championship (CT2)

CT1- Lakewood High School Court 1 (Left Side of Gym)
CT2- Lakewood High School Court 2 (Middle Court)
CT3- Lakewood High School Court 3 (Right Side of Gym)
CT4- Lakewood Middle School (Next Building Over)