Monday, February 29, 2016

Diary Of A Baller: Terrence "Big Smoove" Williams (Clinton, NJ) Entry #6

Terrence And His Family

What's up basketball world! 

Let's see this week...Monday I had my normal basketball workout from 10:30-1:00 since we didn't have school because our faculty had a retreat. That evening, I went to the WCAC championship between DeMatha and St. John's. It was a live and exciting atmosphere in the championship game. St. John's ended up winning 71-57. On Tuesday I went to strength and conditioning and did upper body with Tobe. Wednesday I went to strength and conditioning but focused on lower body. Thursday we had TTO practice and Friday I went to basketball workouts after school. 

This week I have to give a big S/O to my A1 since day 1 my family! My mother, dad, grandmother and sister have helped me where I am today. My mom, Melanie, has helped me with school, basketball and off the court issues. She has always been pushing me in the class room more than anything and always telling me that life is bigger than basketball. Having an education will help you succeed in life period if basketball doesn't workout and she always stresses that to me. My lil sister , Mikayla , supports me in everything and pushes me at everything I do even if I don't feel like doing it. My grandmother , Ce-Ma (my nickname for her), helps me stay close to God. We read bible versus together and we pray together. She always wishes me luck before my games, which I think makes me play better. In all, these 3 will always be the #1 ladies in my life and support me the most. 

Now my father, Big T (nickname for him), is the life of the family. He brings laughter and playfulness to the family. He always likes to joke around with me but we also can be serious. He has pushed me on the court to the maximum and pushes me off the court like my mother does. He also stresses the education part in life. This weekend we celebrated his birthday, since it's on Monday. We went out to dinner and bought him some gifts. 

In closing, my family has helped me become the person I am today and I thank them for this. Family comes before basketball and I always remember that. Talk to you next week in my next entree. Peace!