Thursday, February 11, 2016

Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup 6th Grade Top Performers Part 3

Zion Cruz (Team IZOD)

The Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup 6th Grade Division gave us a look into the future. Here’s a final look into this age group. 

Clash For The Cup 6th Grade Top Performers Part 3 

Zion Cruz Guard (Team IZOD) – Cruz is a very active wing guard. He is always in attack mode as he is looking to score that rock. He also is a good passer that excels in transition. Cruz can guard all 3 perimeter positions. He’s the ultimate scoring machine and he showed it when he scored a tournament high 30 points versus Team Future. Once he got going he appeared unstoppable at time.

Sebastian Robinson Guard (Team IZOD) – Robinson can stroke the 3 ball and we also saw him finish with either hand on the fast break. He is also a good defender that takes pride locking up his defensive assignment. 

Joey Callari Forward (Team IZOD) – Callari has good size and he plays hard. Joey finishes well around the basket and he also can knock down a short jump shot. He competes for rebounds off the glass and runs the floor hard in transition.
Argel Pettit Guard (Team Final) – Scouts now say that playing hard and having a motor is a skill. This kid was a joy to watch and was one of our favorite players all weekend because he did just that. On top of that he knows how to score the ball. He is a big wing guard that finishes well on the break, can knock down the 3 pointer and he also has a nice floater in the lane. One other thing I liked was that he wasn’t afraid to get on the floor for loose balls. He finished with 13 points in the game we watched. 

Chase Williams Guard (New World) – Chase is a combo scoring guard that is quick and athletic. He looks more comfortable off the ball but if needed he can run the point. Williams has range out to the 3pt line.
Dylan Williamson Guard (New World) – Dylan is a strong wing guard that can do it all. He has a smooth game and he understands how to exploit matchups. He can take a smaller defender down in the paint and post him up or take a larger defender out in space on the perimeter and go to work. Williamson is a triple double threat every time he walks on the floor. He looked very comfortable playing in his coaches system. 

Wisdom Rodgers Forward (New World) – This big man with nice size holds down the paint for his squad. He rebounds well and understands his role on the team. If he continues to work in the gym on his offensive skillset Wisdom is a name we might be hearing for years to come. 

Nasir Muhammad Guard (NY Lightning) – Muhammad impressed us with his point guard skills. His handle allowed him through dribble through defenses and his court vision was superb. I liked his command of the game and the poise he showed running the show.