Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Future Phenom Camp Experience Feat: Khalil Brantley (Georgia)

Khalil Brantley hails from Georgia but has been known around the country as one of the top 6th grade point guards. He came to the Future Phenom Camp on a mission and accomplished it by winning the Best Playmaker Award and finishing in the Top 5 of the Class of 2021. We sat down with Brantley and here’s what he had to say. 

My Future Phenom Camp Experience Feat: Khalil Brantley 

BS: What was your mindset coming into the camp? 
KB: My plan was dominate and destroy everyone in front of me. 

BS: How did you like the drill session? 
KB: It was great because it had real good teaching and we learned a lot of drills I never used before. 

BS: Who was the best player you faced at the Future Phenom Camp? 
KB: Zion Harmon from Maryland. 

BS: What was your favorite aspect of the camp? 
KB: The games because I got a chance to show my skills against the top players in the country. 

BS: How does the Future Phenom Camp stack up against other camps you attended? 
KB: One of the best because this camp had more talent than any other camp I went to. 

BS: Give me one word to describe the Future Phenom Camp. 
KB: Exciting. 

Stay tuned as Basketball Spotlight brings you the Future Phenom Camp Experience from more top players.