Thursday, September 4, 2014

Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Class of 2021 Top Performers Part 2

Zion "The Lion" Harmon 

The Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp had some talented players in the Class of 2021. Their were some serious battles and new players emerging from this event. Here's a look at the rising 6th Graders that impressed us in District Heights, MD. 

Future Phenom Class of 2021 Top Performers Part 2 

Zion Harmon Guard (Washington, DC)- No one came into this event with a bigger target on their back then Zion. Every game he played was a war and other guards were determined to check his mettle to make a name. But they don't call him "The Lion" for nothing as Harmon still put up amazing numbers and took his game to another level. When it was clutch time his number was called and like so many times in the past he delivered. He hit clutch buckets from all three levels and just has a natural feel for the game. One thing you have to respect about Harmon is that never ducks the competition. He's usually present at any of the top events in the country.

Tre Thomas Guard (Maryland)- It takes a certain amount of poise and skills to be a dynamic guard and this kid has it. He literally danced in the lane whenever by shaking defenders out their boots. When he was done getting past the defenders he scored with a sweet floater or a soft jumper from the perimeter. I took notice of Thomas during his showdown with Zion Harmon in which the Maryland gave the DC product all he could handle. This kid has that Allen Iverson type killer instinct on the floor. 

Brayon Freeman Guard (Washington, DC)- Freeman is a big time guard from the nationals capital that has a shifty game. He gets it done at either guard spot by possessing the total package including shooting, passing and handling the pill with supreme confidence. He really made a name for himself this past weekend.

Khalil Brantley Guard (Georgia)- After balking at a couple of Spotlight events in the past Brantley finally showed up and gave us a show. This type of atmosphere is right up his alley because he's always in attack mode. His hesitation dribble combined with a stop and go makes him very difficult to contain. His unique court vision and willingness to pass allowed him to leave with the play maker award. 

Justice Williams Guard (Pennsylvania)- Williams is a silky smooth scorer but can also play the point if needed. He never seems bothered by the defense when handling the rock. He picks his spots to attack like a cat and can get it done from all three levels. He played on a team with mostly guards at the camp but still stood out well enough to make the Top 20 Game. 

Chris Kuzemka Guard (Tennessee)- Chris is an on target 3 ball shooter but also handles the ball like a heady guard. I like the way he uses the up fake dribble move when attacking. He was a nice surprise from the mid west.